And the winner is….. Saus: An AI Powered Messaging App built using Magnet SDK

What do a high schooler, a data scientist, a product manager from France, an iOS developer/ entrepreneur and a growth hacker have in common? They are all members of the winning team at the recent Developer Week Hackathon sponsored by Magnet Systems. The team built Saus, a Smart Messaging App, on steroids, which detects what conversations you’re having with your friends and adds relevant context and links to them. Saus is powered by the Magnet Message SDK and can also analyze the personality of the group so that the content presented can be better tailored to the group members’ personalities.

Let’s say you are discussing the Pope’s visit or planning a visit to the Golden Gate bridge with your friends. With Saus, the conversations become a lot richer as links to articles on the Pope’s visit or the weather at Golden Gate bridge with a listing of nearby restaurants is automatically presented to you right within the app without ever needing to leave the app and do a Google search.

Saus1 Saus2 Saus3

Now let’s extend that use case to the enterprise – if members of a team are collaborating on a project using a Magnet Message powered app, wouldn’t it be helpful if a discussion around a board presentation automatically served up minutes from previous meetings or a presentation template? The ability to cut through the clutter of vast amounts of enterprise data and be presented with the right information at the right time is invaluable and can directly result in improved productivity.

Team Saus built their innovative app using’s Retina API, IBM Watson Bluemix and the Magnet Message SDK. They programmed the app in Swift, using Magnet Message SDK with JSQMessagesViewController UI library. For their Python backend, they used Flask to make the server, Cortical.IO to detect if the message is talking about a news article and IBM Watson Retina API to detect if the message is talking about a place.

With just about 24 hours to develop the idea and build the app, we asked team Saus what they liked about Magnet. “There was almost no setup involved” said Lucas, the team-lead who built the app and presented it to the judges. “Everything was already created for us and it was really, really easy to use the library to send messages and videos” – all capabilities we are proud of at Magnet and continue to simplify so we can shorten the time-to-first-message for developers.

Congratulations again Team Saus – Lucas Farah, Gokul Ramesh, Daphnee Lucenet, Hoang V Do, Hung Le Nguyen! We look forward to seeing other cool apps you build with Magnet. Read more for additional details on the winning app.