Integrate With Magnet This Week

Over the weekend, Magnet sponsored the Integrate 2015 hackathon for developers, designers and entrepreneurs building apps. This hackathon is part of the larger Integrate 2015 event organized by DevNetwork that is taking place this week in Santa Clara, CA. Integrate is focused on open technology, APIs and integration that democratize intelligence, analytics, business functions, communications, social activity and business processes. With Magnet Message and our commitment to Open Source, we fit right in and deliver businesses of all sizes the flexibility, transparency and control they need to build vibrant and interactive app experiences.

Thank you to all of the teams who participated in the Magnet Challenge and congratulations to all the winners!!!

Now for a quick look at what the winners delivered during the 2 day hackathon:

1st Prize — StoryTeller

Tourists to locations like Alcatraz Island fumble with bulky and outdated audio playback equipment in order to learn about various points of interest while exploring the site. StoryTeller promises to update and enrich that experience by using a context-based app that runs on a person’s smartphone. StoryTeller lets a venue or attraction create points of interest by dropping pins on a map and associate each of those locations with a series of audio streams. Visitors then download the app to their smartphone and dynamically receive a list of relevant audio streams that they click to play based upon their location. In a future version of the app, the team envisions a social experience where individuals in the community can create ad hoc points of interest and publish their own audio recordings to share. The StoryTeller team leveraged Magnet Message to create channels associated with points of interest and to publish the audio feeds. Visitors auto-subscribe to these channels and dynamically receive the information.

2nd Prize – MetaMusic

We all love music, but sharing with friends and others is even better. The team at MetaMusic delivered a rich, interactive app that builds a music community through live chat and shared experiences. The mobile app allows broadcasters to create playlists, while aspiring artists and music listeners tune in simultaneously to listen, chat and share real-time feedback by tapping the display. The team at MetaMusic leveraged Magnet Message to support group chat and interactive feedback features.

3rd Prize – Drift App

The team at Drift App used a personality algorithm to match people with travel destinations. They also incorporated social features in the mobile app by providing communications and chat capabilities between travelers visiting a similar location when they share common personality profiles. Last but not least, Drift incorporated a wearable solution that lets users reach out to fellow travelers for travel assistance or in case of emergencies. Chat and communications capabilities are powered by Magnet Message.

Please stop by and say hello if you are attending the Integrate 2015 conference this week. You can find us at our booth #415 in the EXPO area.