iOS 9 Brings Lots of Enterprise-Grade Functionality

This week, Apple revealed the new features in iOS 9. In contrast to iOS 8, iOS 9 includes a set of Enterprise-friendly improvements to shore up their mobile system. Key features include:

  • iPad split-screen/Multitasking – This is a productivity game-changer that is long overdue.
  • App Transport Security – A solid security enhancement across the board.
  • VPN plug-in extension – Table stakes in the new struggle to preserve user and corporate security.
  • Watch connectivity – This will drive new applications and innovation in the wearable space.
  • Search – Allow users to discover content inside you app, from a system or web search. This facilitates app discovery and usage.
  • Apple Pay – Have 1-to-many enterprise app areas surrounding store credit, reward, loyalty and membership cards? Be excited. This is especially key for retailers, hospitality, travel and other businesses
  • Open Source Swift – Enough said
  • Notification actions – Magnet is going to look into this ASAP 🙂
  • Third party notifications – A long-overdue functional addition

Adopting new available technologies is key to staying on top. Several Magnet engineers attended WWDC this week. Platform integration is key to keeping your mobile apps secure, functional and ready to meet the needs of tomorrow, today. That is our highest priority.