Magnet Message is Available Now!

Magnet Message is Available Now!

We are excited to announce the release of Magnet Message version 1.0.1. Magnet Message is a powerful new open source mobile messaging solution enabling real-time user engagement for your mobile apps. Now any app can become a messaging app!

So why should you care? Well, this solution is packed with rich messaging features that go way beyond Push notifications. It offers Push as well as in-app messaging and user-to-user chat. You can send messages to users or devices or tags. You can also use the publish-subscribe feature so that users or apps can subscribe to “topics” and automatically receive update messages as new items are published.

Messages aren’t limited to just text. Messages can include a wide variety of rich content that also includes documents, HTML, images, JSON, strings, URLs and deep links. You can dramatically alter and improve app interactions with actionable messages that let users respond to incoming messages with the tap of a button. Two way messaging can also be easily and seamlessly embedded in purchasing transactions or business workflows. Messaging can even provide a new way to connect with users by offering live, in-app help or assistance inside your app. The possibilities are endless!

Best of all, Magnet Message is available as open source software, so you can freely use, modify or integrate the software as you wish. You can deploy the Magnet Message server wherever you want – on a local PC, in your data center or on the cloud. This is a big departure from the multitude of SaaS offerings in the marketplace that limit what you can do and how you can do it. While SaaS solutions may be fine for sending promotions and advertising alerts as Push Messages to large numbers of mobile devices, they are not as well suited to messaging scenarios where security, control, compliance or integration with existing systems are a big deal. Since Magnet Message gives you control over how you develop, where you deploy and what features you use, you are in a better position to meet your integration, governance and compliance needs.

The following are some highlighted Magnet Message features that you can leverage for your new mobile Android and iOS apps:


Feature Description
Push Notifications Send push notifications to alert or wake up mobile apps using Apple Push Notification Service for iOS and Google Cloud Messaging for Android
In-App Messaging Send messages in-app during active sessions between the mobile client and messaging server
Chat Use in-app chat for 1-to-1 communications between users (mobile-mobile, mobile-server)
Rich message payloads Payloads may contain any kind of content including documents, HTML, images, strings, JSON, URLs, and deep links
Fine grained targeting Send messages to targets defined using users, devices, topics, and tags
Publish-Subscribe Publish events using publish-subscribe to a list of mobile clients in a way that decouples receivers and senders through the use of “topics”
Tags Use keywords or “tags” to identify and search for users, mobile devices, and topics for targeting in-app messages and push notifications
Secure payload Use Transport Layer Support (TLS) and authenticated connections to protect transport of sensitive message content
Delivery confirmations & audit Track status including device receipt and open/read status
Geo-location tracking Collect mobile endpoint geo-location information and send messages or publish events based on this data to mobile devices
Expiration Set Push notifications to automatically expire if they are not sent in a specified time
iOS and Android Support iOS and Android SDKs make it easy to integrate messaging features into mobile apps
REST API REST API provides easy integration with back end applications
On-premise and cloud deployment Flexible deployment options let you install messaging servers in your data center or on the cloud
Open source Freedom to use, customize and integrate. Available under Apache 2.0 license

Get started quickly and easily with Magnet Message. Download, install and run Magnet Message on your local Mac or PC. Use our Quickstart app to get up and running in minutes. Start building better, more engaging and interactive apps today with Magnet Message!