Messaging Wins @ Disrupt SF 2015

Teams of hackers competed for prizes at TechCrunch Disrupt 2015 September 19-20 in San Francisco. The weather was hot and so was the competition! We were pleased that 17 teams opted to use Magnet Message APIs to enhance their app experiences. The diversity of apps was great as were the creative uses of messaging. There was a Shoeenvy, a Tinder for shoe shopping that lets you swipe to “love” or “hate” a product, Accident-Li, an accident reporting app, and Magic Pill Club, a mobile app that reminds patients to take medications at the scheduled time.

Here is a brief description of our winners:

1st Prize – The Meter Beater Club

Have you ever been in the middle of a night out with friends in the city and you realize that your meter is about to expire? You have to choose between running down the block to feed the meter or face a substantial fine from a parking ticket. With The Meter Beater Club, your troubles are over! When you park and pay the meter, simply open up the app on your phone and record the amount of time you paid for. If you need to overstay your time limit, someone from The Meter Beater community or someone looking to make some easy cash will feed the meter for you in return for a small fee. Enjoy your evening knowing that your car is I good hands and that The Meter Beater Club has your back. To build the app, the team integrated Magnet Message as the backbone for communications between the user and the community. They also shared mapping and routing info to direct community members to the location of a soon-to-expire meter.

2nd Prize – The Happy Parent Club

Parents everywhere want their children to have the freedom to play, but they also want to make sure they are safe. With the Happy Parent Club app, parents designate a safe zone such as a park, where their child is allowed to play. When they connect the child’s device to the app, they see a pin on a map showing the child’s actual location. When the child goes out of the authorized zone, both the child and the parent receive an alert on their phones. The alert turns the display red and plays a loud sound. To create the Happy Parent Club app, the team combined geo data with two way messaging and alerts to deliver the complete experience.

3rd Prize — Live Dance Floor

The team at Live Dance Floor hosts live dance shows with participants from all over the world. With the Live Dance Floor app, anyone can join in the fun and socialize easily via chat with others during the show. Now anyone can view the video feed, listen to music and read what others around you are saying. In addition, users can check out trends on the dancers, identify brands and shop directly for items. To build the experience, the Live Dance Floor team used Magnet Message to power the social and chat capabilities in the app.

Congratulations to all of the teams who participated!! Details relating to the final submissions are posted on DevPost here. For those who participated or those who missed it, there is still time to get in on the action by joining Magnet’s online hackathon running until October 26, 2015.