Messaging as a platform for IoT – Featuring our runner-up hackathon winner

In my last blog post, I covered the winning Saus smart messaging app that was built on the Magnet Message SDK. Today I’d like to talk about our runner up winner, Screen Bay, which innovatively used the Magnet open messaging framework as a platform to directly connect advertisers to digital signage.

Advertising is big business and unused digital signage can result in lost revenue. What if your cool, new refrigerator offered opportunity for digital signage right on the door? Wouldn’t it be helpful if you were served an ad or a coupon for a perishable that you purchase on a regular basis? Now what if you extend that digital signage use case to a department store and the advertisers can now target you more precisely based on your location in the store and your buying behavior? Screen Bay aims to make this entire process of connecting advertisers to digital signage much easier. An advertiser can select from a list of available digital screens/devices, upload their ad content, choose the dates and times in which they want their ads to appear, and then voila, their ads will display as scheduled! Easy ad message testing with no expensive middle man. And all this built using the Magnet Message SDK as the platform for connecting businesses to devices – what a cool IoT use case!!

The screens below show the scheduling of an advertisement for the digital screen of a Samsung refrigerator.


And here’s the award-winning showcase video for Magnet:

The Screen Bay team was comprised of four members from different countries and languages that met for the first time at the hackathon! Our messaging SDK literally offered them a communication platform on which they not only competed but also won! Congratulations Team Screen Bay – Kevin, Kenzan, Bajaji and Katie. Read more for additional details on the winning app.