New in rest2mobile 1.1: API samples, refactoring, and more…

API Samples from Github

You can test the code generation in 3 simple clicks

It’s now easier than ever to quickly add a REST API to your app to quickly check how rest2mobile works. Just click on the “…” widget on the right-hand side of the class name. The list of APIs referenced on Github will then be available.

Controller history & refactoring of existing REST API controllers

The plugins now allow you to refactor existing generated code

We understand that APIs change often. Plugins are perfect for developers to update their apps without leaving their IDE of choice. Simply look up the name of the controller in the Controller Name widget and the plugin will bring back all the existing methods.

And more…

In addition to that, by upgrading to rest2mobile 1.1, you will also get:

  • Bug fixes
  • Add table view for JSON payload errors where you can click to navigate to the line
  • Support generating code even when there are validation errors (generator will exclude from the object model any properties with invalid json entries)
  • Lax URL validation
  • Generate controller test stub (requires a src/androidTest/java directory)
  • Support for loading examples defining multiple methods

Check out Magnet’s developer site for more details about the Android and Xcode plugins and the command line tool:

We hope you’ll like it. As usual, please do not hesitate to share your feedback through the blog comments or the Feedback widget at the bottom of this page.