Magnet Announces Open Mobile Architecture for Enterprise Mobile Application Development

CEO Alfred Chuang Aims to Accelerate App Innovation and Drive the Next Generation of Mobile Experiences

Palo Alto, CA, Sep 17, 2015 - Today Magnet Systems unveiled a brand new approach to application development designed to simplify the entire process of developing and deploying enterprise mobile applications. Magnet MAX is a modular suite of technology that provides new infrastructure and best practices for enterprise grade mobile app development. Magnet’s open source architecture provides APIs, SDKs and tooling for faster application development, a server optimized for mobile applications, and deep messaging capabilities for stronger user engagement.

“The enterprise Web standards we established in the late ‘90’s have prevented enterprise app development from meeting consumer expectations despite advances in mobile hardware and operating systems,” said Alfred Chuang, CEO of Magnet Systems. “Developers are desperate for standards that can ease the integration of multiple legacy applications for new use cases and deeper user engagement. With Magnet MAX we’re providing a new approach to enterprise mobile application development that simplifies the entire process of developing, integrating and running mobile apps in a secure, enterprise-ready environment.”

“Consumers live on mobile apps today, but enterprise has struggled to catch up because developing secure, integrated apps is a very long, expensive process,” said Ben Horowitz, co-founder and general partner of Andreessen Horowitz, an investor in Magnet. “There is a massive market opportunity for a company to build the infrastructure of the new mobile enterprise and I see no one better poised to take on that challenge than Alfred, who revolutionized the enterprise Web once with BEA Weblogic.”

Magnet MAX is an open source approach to mobile application development that includes the technology, process and architecture needed to enable on premise or cloud deployments. The components within the Magnet MAX architecture are flexible and open to enable companies to solve a variety of challenges.

  • Magnet AppStudio – AppStudio is a mobile application modeling tool that fosters collaboration, consistency and cross-platform development. It’s the bridge that connects mobile and server development teams to define contracts and accountability for faster app development while enabling teams to decouple their dependencies and work in parallel.
  • Magnet Mobile SDKs – Magnet’s mobile SDKs for Android and iOS provide the high-performance, reliable gateway to backend services (public or private cloud) with built-in core services for offline capabilities, network reliability and role-based, multi-factor authentication. Combined with Magnet MAX AppStudio developers can create custom mobile SDKs to integrate with mobile-oriented services seamlessly.
  • Magnet Application Server – Magnet Server is the world’s first server built and optimized for mobile applications. The Magnet Server provides extensible core mobile-optimized services critical for delivering enterprise class mobile applications such as multi-factor authentication, user management and unified logging built on top of a scalable, reliable platform. Built in Java, it is instantly familiar to enterprise developers allowing immediate productivity within this environment.
  • Magnet Message – Magnet Message is the secret to engaging users to your app with a wide range of advanced mobile messaging capabilities to create interactive, contextual mobile experiences and drive complex workflows that change the way businesses engage with their customers and employees.

Select companies are already using an early limited release of Magnet MAX to build next generation mobile experiences.

“Mobile innovation at financial intuitions is hamstrung by online banking and legacy systems,” said David Eads, CEO of Gro. “Magnet MAX is allowing us to develop the next generation of digital banking solutions with a unified infrastructure supporting re-usable services, entitlements and capabilities to which a myriad of apps can attach. With Magnet we can build cutting edge, enterprise-grade mobile apps for financial services.”

Companies interested in trialing Magnet MAX can go to to experience the architecture before its official release later this fall. Additionally, this Saturday, September 19, Magnet will introduce Magnet Message to more than 800 developers, as a product partner sponsor in the TechCrunch DISRUPT SF Hackathon.


About Magnet

Magnet Systems is powering the next generation of mobile applications with an open architecture to enable businesses and developers to create more engaging and productive enterprise-class mobile applications. The Magnet MAX suite of development tools and technologies presents a radical new approach to enterprise mobile application development; one that is developer-led, open source, mobile optimized and enterprise ready. Magnet Systems is based in Palo Alto, CA and has received series $59.8M in two funding rounds led by Andreessen Horowitz.