Keep customers happy: Overall hackathon winner “Shippt” utilizes Magnet in-app chat for shipment resolution

In this final Dev Week hackathon related post, I’m super excited to share that the overall event winning app “Shippt” utilized the Magnet in-app chat SDK as the core component to provide two-way customer communication.

The rise of marketplaces such as eBay and Etsy has turned online sellers into legitimate businesses that now need to address product delivery and customer satisfaction challenges just like traditional brick-and-mortal retailers. Tracking multiple shipments is an un-intuitive process involving complex tracking numbers. The Shippt iPad app addresses this basic challenge by packaging both the shipment tracking information and customer-support chat all within the same simple and visually appealing UI. Since the capability to initiate a customer service chat is tied directly to the shipment, the chat session between buyer and seller is relevant and contextual resulting in improved efficiency. What a great way to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty with in-app chat!


Shippt was delivered by a team of one, Ashwin Kumar, an investment banker turned mobile developer. Ashwin was looking to address a valid business problem with his idea and Magnet went a step ahead by delivering him a personal ROI with our easy to use chat SDK! Shippt also used the Shippo API for the shipment tracking functionality.

Congratulations to Ashwin for not only winning the Magnet prize but also getting selected as the overall hackathon winner. We’re excited about his journey as a software developer. Read here for details on Shippt.