Rapid native mobile application development

Magnet AppStudio is the first comprehensive toolset for modeling and designing mobile-first applications. As the starting point for every enterprise mobile development activity, AppStudio enables development teams to adopt, create and share standards and specify app development accountabilities. With AppStudio, teams can decouple dependencies, work in parallel, and create apps more quickly—while leveraging enhanced collaboration, consistency and cross-platform development.


Secure, intelligent messaging platform

Magnet Messaging Server enables developers to quickly build a wide range of secure, advanced mobile messaging capabilities—from in-app messaging to public or private forums to approvals and beyond—into enterprise mobile apps.

This extensive and specialized set of mobile-optimized services lets developers create interactive, contextual mobile experiences and drive complex workflows across diverse platforms. The result? Businesses, workers and customers tap the full potential of mobile technology, and engage in completely new ways.


Cross platform capabilities

Magnet SDKs for Android and iOS— plus an additional SDK for REST-based web services—make it easy for developers to create mobile client applications with reliable, high-performance connections to the Magnet Mobile Server (and the extensive services it provides). Developers can also build in essential offline capabilities for mobile clients, such as network fault tolerance and role-based, multi-factor authorization.


Safely connect to enterprise systems

Magnet Mobile Server is the first-ever server built and optimized for mobile applications. This reliable, highly scalable platform comes complete with an array of core services that are essential for enterprise mobile apps, including multi-factor authorization, user management, unified logging and much more.

The server also serves as the connection point to legacy enterprise applications, databases, and other enterprise services. Built in Java, it is instantly familiar to most enterprise developers, allowing them to be productive immediately within this environment.


4-tier Architecture

An open architecture for developing and deploying multi-tier, distributed enterprise mobile apps.


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