Amazon Notification Service

Standard Amazon Features vs. Customizable Messaging with Magnet Message

Push notification services handle notifications, alerts, and all aspects of message queuing and client-side application delivery. Amazon SNS is a standard way to send push notifications for your mobile app with minimal opportunity for customization to your specific business needs. With Magnet Message, you can get those same features, and much more, in easy-to-integrate SDKs that allow for increased customization for your enterprise mobile app.

Furthermore, with Magnet Message you get more than just simple push notifications. With today's always-connected mobile user, creating real-time engagement adds incredible value as 20% of downloaded apps are never opened, and users opt-out of notifications 80% of the time. By sending actionable push notifications and having dynamic in-app messaging your app is "stickier" and users get a better experience. Magnet Message provides open source SDKs for adding chat, forums, private discussions, and rich payload capacity. This allows you to customize your delivery and tailor your app to create the most user-friendly mobile app possible.

With Magnet Message you get:

  • Customizable features - get access to resources and services including the Magnet website, developer tools, downloadable documentation, sample code, and additional product information to tailor the experience to your business need
  • Security - 128-bit encryption, flexible deployment options, and comprehensive user management
  • Pre-built SDKs - Easily add in-app chat with a couple of lines of code and free dev time for core innovation with our open source code

Get increased customization for greater business value with Magnet Message today!