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Messaging SDKs for Android Developers

Making your enterprise app more user friendly is a key requirement to drive user engagement and adoption. Today's enterprise applications must be deployed across multiple platforms, must provide relevant information for the business workflow while maintaining high levels of security and still be user friendly. Managing all of these requirements, when any failure could mean the failure of the entire project, requires developers to focus their skills on the critical aspects of the application. At Magnet, we make that job easier with our suite of rich messaging SDKs that are ready to be implemented into your enterprise app.

Leveraging rich messaging capabilities in your application is one of the best ways to enhance user experience which increases engagement and user satisfaction. You can send in-app messages that include text, images, documents, JSON, HTML, URLs, and deep links and support push notifications via our APIs that generalize the interface so you don't have to code separately for GCM vs. APNS. The Magnet Message SDK also enables the addition of chat functions, public forums, content feeds, and more.

Why is Magnet Message the right choice for you?

  • Enterprise focused - core messaging services scalable for enterprise needs
  • Ready to go - ready-to-run server and native mobile SDKs for Android are included
  • Easy-to-use - SDKs are available to add 1-to-1 and 1-to-many chat, private discussions, public forums, content feeds, and so much more
  • In-app communication - when users can communicate within the app there is no reason for them to exit the app

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