Android Push Notifications

Android Push Notifications Make User Engagement Easy

Push notifications are a great way to drive and hold user engagement and increase traffic, and interest of your mobile app. It's becoming a very popular channel to get users hooked on your app!

Wondering how to take advantage of this technology to attract and sustain more users for your mobile app? Wonder no more-- Now you can leverage this tool for your own mobile apps to notify users of new messages or events even when they are not actively using the app. Magnet offers a great solution to this--Magnet Message is an open source, mobile messaging framework which enables real-time user engagement in your mobile apps. It is ready-to-deploy on the cloud or within your app. It's server-side REST API makes it easy to integrate with existing applications, systems, or environments. Magnet Message comes pre-packaged with native mobile SDKs that support both iOS and Android that support:

  • Push and In-App messaging
  • Rich Message Payloads
  • Server-side REST API
  • Confirmed Delivery
  • Lots more!

With our friendly developer API's you can now integrate Magnet Message within your app in no time!

Download Magnet Message now and get started.