Application Development

Add Rich In-App Messaging to Increase User Engagement

Developing enterprise-grade mobile apps is a challenging endeavor. You have to first think about the right workflows to mobilize and secondly worry about getting your users to be active in the app so you can derive the ROI. It's a known fact that messaging app are very popular with mobile users. So adding messaging capabilities such as in-app chat, surveys, discussion groups, forums etc. is a great way to build interesting and highly used enterprise apps. But building enterprise-grade messaging solution from scratch is challenging. At Magnet, mobile messaging is our focus and expertise. And we believe that messaging is the right way for businesses to communicate with their customers and employees on their mobile devices. Dynamic, real-time in-app messaging increases user engagement, leading to increased usage, and ultimately, more revenue.

Magnet Message is a comprehensive suite of mobile messaging options designed for enterprise app development. Our pre-built SDKs can be easily integrated into an existing app, or built right into an app during development. With Magnet Message you can add any or all of the following: forums, chat, private discussions, rich payload capacity, user surveys, real-time ratings, and more.

Why make Magnet Message your go-to choice for application development?

  • User engagement - rich messaging creates a more user-friendly experience
  • Enterprise grade - Magnet Message is open source, scalable and highly reliable
  • Security - Magnet Message includes comprehensive user management and 128-bit encryption

Read our white paper to learn why it's easier to embark on your messaging journey with Magnet!