Application Development Platform

Get the Most from an Open Source Development Platform for the Next Generation of Enterprise Mobile Apps

Building a mobile-ready, messaging-based enterprise app is easy with Magnet. Specifically designed for mobile apps, Magnet uses an open source architecture and provides SDKs and an enterprise-grade server for fast, reliable, and secure enterprise-level mobile app development. For those businesses looking to integrate with mobile web, Magnet also offers a JavaScript SDK. With Magnet's messaging server, you get a comprehensive set of core services, and it's written in Java to facilitate rapid adoption and immediate productivity. It also serves as a secure connection to backend legacy systems and services.

Magnet's mobile and web SDKs for iOS, Android, and REST-based web services provide a comprehensive suite of messaging options including chat, public forums, real-time surveys, and rich payloads to get the most from your enterprise mobile app. Embrace a mobile strategy with confidence using Magnet.

Why choose Magnet for your mobile application development platform?

  • Open source - it's free to use and leverages a large support community
  • Mobile optimized - we're the first comprehensive platform for modeling and designing messaging based mobile-first apps
  • Enterprise ready - safely and easily integrate backend systems, legacy apps, and web services

Mobilize your business with Magnet today!