Cross Platform Mobile App

Take Cross Platform Mobile Apps To The Next Level

We live in a cross-channel, connected world- the Internet of Things. We communicate through our smartphones, watches, cars etc. This connected world has an opportunity, since now you can communicate with your buyers everyday through multiple devices. Whether you are trying to build messaging into apps for fraud alerts, marketing campaigns, or loyalty programs, Magnet Message can help you!

Magnet Message enables you to turn your app into a messaging app to keep up with the connected world. You can access the API for not only push notifications, but also for both iOS, Android, or hybrid mobile app providing a true cross-platform messaging solution. In order to keep up with the internet of things, you should consider integrating your app across channels such as email and web to realize the full potential.

Magnet provides an open source messaging framework giving developers the freedom, control and operational flexibility to fully integrate messaging into a wide range of mobile apps with tremendous ease. Download Magnet Message now and get started.