Cross Platform Mobile App Development

Get Rich Messaging for Your iOS and Android Mobile Apps

For increasing app usage and revenue, enhancing the experience with user friendly messaging is a sure-fire strategy. For developers, spending valuable time creating new messaging capabilities from scratch, especially with more important core aspects to deal with, is a waste of time that could be better spent elsewhere. In this fast-paced environment of mobile app development, Magnet seeks to help developers create the best cross platform apps possible by offering the best mobile messaging software available.

Magnet Message provides a powerful, reliable open source mobile messaging solution. Our messaging service is delivered as a ready-to-run server complete with native mobile SDKs (for iOS and Android) that are a breeze to integrate into your mobile app. It is deployable both on-premise and in the cloud and easily integrates with any existing app environment. By including 1-to-1 chat, 1-to-many chat, push notifications, public forums, and content feeds to maximize real-time user engagement of your mobile apps, it makes it easy to send and receive relevant and targeted communications with customers and employees.

Why choose Magnet Message for your cross platform mobile app?

  • Rich payloads - include video, images, HTML, text, JSON to expand your app's uses and designs
  • In-app communication - keep users engaged by adding in-app messaging capabilities
  • Enterprise Grade - our scalable, mobile-optimized software easily integrates with existing systems and applications to reduce the time to market

Download the report and learn how Magnet Message can accelerate your mobile app development.