Custom App Development

Add Custom Messaging Capabilities to Your Enterprise Mobile App

Are you looking to develop a custom enterprise mobile app? Does your app have rich messaging capabilities to help your users stay connected and engaged? In this world of ever-increasing connectivity and short attention spans, it's vital to be able to maintain an interactive experience that is relevant to your users. Magnet Message puts developers in control, and enables them to quickly and easily add advanced messaging capabilities to their custom enterprise mobile apps.

Magnet Message is open source, so you can download and try it for free and leverage a large support community to truly customize your apps messaging features. Features like one-to-one and one-to-many chat, private discussions, threaded forums, rich message payloads, real-time surveys and ratings, and more, are quickly and easily added to any mobile app with our pre-built SDKs. Getting dynamic messaging for mobile apps has never been easier.

Why choose Magnet Message for custom app messaging?

  • Comprehensive options - our full suite of messaging options allows for complete customization of your mobile app
  • User engagement - rich, in-app messaging increases user engagement and makes your app "stickier"
  • Security - Magnet Message has 128-bit encryption and comprehensive user management for maximum security

Get Magnet Message for free and customize your mobile app with rich messaging!