Enterprise Mobile App

Deliver Enterprise Mobile Apps More Effectivley

Technology is growing faster than ever, especially in mobile. With the world becoming more and more connected, it's critical that your mobile app is keeping up with these changes. Enterprise mobile messaging is used for both B2B and B2C. The new wave of mobile is the rise of interactive, personalized messaging between businesses and end users.

Magnet enables developers to add end-to-end services such as in-app messaging and publish/subscribe, which will give their enterprises the ability to build more integrated and interactive messaging solutions that go beyond the one way nature of push messaging today. With Magnet, you can keep up with the personalization trends and increase engagement whether you are on iOS or Android. Magnet powers your application to:

  • integrate existing systems
  • persist mobile & server-side data
  • deliver rich messages

Magnet helps mobilize the enterprise by enabling your team to develop, deploy and distribute enterprise-grade mobile apps with the least amount of disruption. Download Magnet Enterprise today!