Enterprise Mobile Messaging

Magnet Message Substantially Improves Mobile Messaging Apps

Given the proliferation of enterprise mobile messaging, it's more critical than ever to add cross-platform capabilities to your apps. Magnet Message provides mobile app developers with an open-source mobile messaging framework so your developers take advantage of specific capabilities competitors' apps don't have, for example:

- Simple and reliable user communications across mobile platforms like iOS, Android, and REST APIs

- Bi-directional, in-app, rich messaging

- Automatic push notifications

Magnet Message supports an extensible design so your developers' creativity is unleashed from large file delivery and encryption constraints. And all of this capability is leveraging open source so your developers have the freedom to work in a simple and highly customizable environment. Getting started is fast and easy with Magnet's Sandbox - a cloud-hosted playground for you to try Magnet Message. Start coding/prototyping today - we think you will be impressed by the new messaging capabilities your apps will benefit from.

You can start right now by clicking the download button below: