Iot Communication

Role of Magnet Messaging in Iot Communication

This is the age of more and more connected devices and smarter messaging. The Internet of Things (IoT) communication system is an important part of the IoT infrastructure, which acts as the bridge for dual directional communication for data collection and control message delivery. It can be applied to various IoT applications, including for mission critical industries, such as power grid, oil field, and cases in our routine life like the smart city.

Communication and messaging has evolved a lot. It goes beyond just person-to-person chat and now includes other variations like device-to-device, device-to-person, and person-to-device. In addition to communicating through our highly advanced smartphones, we also communicate through watches, cars and other devices. Many such devices have already adapted to be connected and more intelligent now that we’re in the era of IoT. There are many real life examples of the ways that apps keep people up to date and connected on mobile devices. For example, triggering promotions when somebody walks into a store, workflow alerts when packages are delayed, even alarm notifications sent from thermostats and many more.

According to a recent report from Yahoo’s Flurry, communication and messaging apps are used 8.9 times more per day than other apps. As per the data, users show high engagement with interactive mobile apps. The study also shows there is an increase of frequency of mobile usage with the mobile apps which have person-to-person interactions. It also shows that many other apps can benefit from such enhanced connectivity and real-time interactions.

As more and more user activity shifts from PCs to connected devices in the Internet of Things, users will expect real-time, contextual and interactive experiences that are no longer impersonal and one-sided. Messaging will become a huge enabler for connecting not just people to one another, but also apps and people to all kinds of IoT devices and sensors, and a wide variety of backend systems and software.

Magnet can help developers quickly add messaging capabilities to make mobile apps more interactive and engaging. It lets them integrate messaging with backend software and systems and provides the management interface to track when messages are delivered successfully.

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