Location Based Messaging

Utilize Location Based Messaging To Improve Engagement

Are you utilizing user data such as location to improve engagement with your app? Research shows that 43% of consumers are more willing to purchase when mobile messages are omni-channel and have appropriate relevancy and timeliness. Being able to personalize messages to specific users and devices by topics is critical, but it’s not easy. Avoid spamming your users, decreasing app retention and wasting time on ineffective messaging by leveraging Magnet Message.

Magnet Message makes it possible to target users and deliver personalized messages. With Magnet Message, rich message payloads make it possible to deliver the type of content you need to effectively communicate what’s valuable and important to your users. Messages can be dynamic and interactive and drive users to certain parts of the app with deep links, images, documents, HTML and strings. You can also implement triggers such as location, tag, time, events, etc to ensure your messages are as personalized as possible.

With Magnet Message you can ensure the right user gets the right message at the right time. Keep up with personalization trends and make your app interactive to not only increase engagement, but also create a better experience for your users. Utilize location based messaging and download Magnet Message today!