Mobile App Development Cost

Cut Development Costs With Pre-Built Messaging SDKs

Are your developers spending too much time on non-core issues? Would adding pre-built SDKs for messaging capabilities free their time for more important tasks? When your developers aren't innovating new features for your enterprise applications, it costs you money, but not having in-app messaging can cost you customers. With Magnet Message, you get the best in-app mobile messaging features available today.

Magnet Systems is an open-source architecture for in-app messaging designed to create user friendly mobile enterprise apps. Too many mobile apps languish on the shelf due to an uninspiring user experience or under-delivering on value. With superior in-app messaging you can keep users engaged; and not just with push notifications and text, but with rich messaging payloads including images, videos, JSON, HTML, and more.

Why should you get Magnet Message for your mobile app?

  • Reduced time-to-market - easily import our simple APIs for sophisticated messaging without building from scratch
  • Designed for business - scalable, flexible cloud-based or on-premise deployment options
  • Real-time feedback - in-app surveys and ratings give you immediate feedback on the user experience
  • Open-source - leverage a broader community for improved performance

Reduce cost and create user-friendly mobile apps with Magnet Message today! Sign up for your free trial now!