Secure Messaging

Protect your privacy with secure messaging from Magnet Message

Customer engagement with meaningful messaging is not an easy task to undertake. Here at Magnet, we understand the importance of messaging to ensure app retention and usage. Magnet Message makes interactive messaging not only possible, but easier than ever before for any iOS and Android mobile app. You can now keep mobile development in-house and implement quicker with Magnet Message tools. Mobile is too critical of a channel to ignore or put off by using third party vendors. Thus, it is vital to have reliable, secure messaging in your app.

Magnet Message makes mobile messaging flexible and reliable. With Magnet Message:

  • Any client with authenticated credentials can call APIs to send and/or receive messages.
  • Message deliveries and statuses are automatically logged and stored.
  • Your app can be scalable to handle timely message deliveries and server fail-over.

In addition, Magnet Message is easy to administer with an out of the box console for configuring, managing, and reporting of message deliveries. It works with Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) and Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) to wake up the app if it is in the background or inactive.

See for yourself how easy sending secure messaging can be. Try Magnet Message in our Sandbox today!