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Supercharge Your Mobile Marketing with Rich Messaging Capabilities

Today's mobile app users are increasingly savvy when it comes to the apps that they use regularly. The fact more than half of the top consumer apps are real-time messaging-based shows that having real-time in-app messaging attracts users and makes your app "sticky." Marketing through your mobile app also requires rich messaging as nearly 80% of users regularly opt-out of receiving simple push messages. Magnet Message offers a full suite of mobile messaging options to enhance your marketing efforts.

Magnet Message is an open source messaging product designed for easy integration into enterprise mobile apps. Magnet offers pre-built SDKs to add options like chat, forums, private discussions, and actionable push notifications to your mobile app. Get the dynamic, two-way communication that 79% of mobile users said they want in order to engage with a brand in-app. With the surveys, ratings, and in-app responses to push notifications, your business gets invaluable feedback from users.

Why choose Magnet Message for your mobile marketing?

  • Dynamic interactions - multiple messaging options means users are more engaged which increases brand loyalty
  • Designed for enterprise apps - deploy on-premise or in your private-cloud with 128-bit encryption and comprehensive user management
  • Real-time feedback - surveys, polls, and ratings are done in real-time to give you immediate feedback on your marketing efforts

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