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Users Want A Great Experience

  • Gain immediate access to information
  • Chat with other users
  • Read the latest social feed
  • Share, like and comment on pictures
  • Promote themselves & their work
  • Feel like they aren’t working, even though they actually get things done

With Magnet, everyone stays united, informed and on top of their tasks

Users adopt the app because they get the information they need from the business and can share their own messages and content with their peers


Business Leaders Need Results

  • Guaranteed information distribution
  • Communication with the team in real time
  • Share crowdsourced intelligence
  • Analyze and guide the business
  • Monitor and promote productivity, without the users realizing it

With Magnet, business efficiencies emerge and brand value rises

Business data stays inside the organization so the business leaders can securely disseminate and collect data in support of creating a wildly-productive workforce


Welcome to the future of mobile.

Magnet apps promote engagement and motivate users to collaborate through integrated communications, embedded transactions, file sharing and other powerful, native mobile features.

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Engaging features means engaging apps

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Realtime Interactions

Supports realtime push, in-app and web chat, messaging capabilities; 1:1 and 1:many conversations and forums.

Surveys & Feedback

Measure customer experiences with real time in-app feedback, surveys and ratings.


Create approvals for PTO, travel, purchase requests etc from your mobile device and achieve more timely responses from management.

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great apps need a great platform

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Open Platform

No vendor lock-in. Extensible. Use, customize and integrate Magnet seamlessly into your apps!

Enterprise Grade

Scalable, secure, reliable. Confirmed delivery, offline and backend connectivity. Cloud or on-premise deployment.

User Profiles

Complete user management. Robust role based authorization. Targeted messages to users or profiles.

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